Dr. Mohamed Zahi Bashir AL Mogherbi


Personal details:


Nationality:                Libyan

Date of birth:              17-10-1946

Place of birth:             Benghazi

Marital status:           Married (3 children)

Address:                     Faculty of Economics & Political Sciences,

                                    Garyunis University, Benghazi, Libya

Telephone #:              (Off.) 218-61-2228825

Fax #:                          218-61-9090753

E-mail:                        zahimogh@hotmail.com



Academic Qualifications:


1-                 B. Political Sciences, Faculty of Economics & Political Sciences, Cairo University, June 1970.

2-                 Masters (Political Sciences), Texas University, USA, June 1973

3-                 Ph. D. (Political Sciences), Missouri University, Colombia City, USA, 1978



Academic and administrative designations:


1-     Head of the faculty members, Garyunis University, Dec. 1979 to Dec. 1981

2-     Member of the Popular Committee, Garyunis University, Dec. 1979 to Dec. 1981

3-     Head of Political Sciences Dept., Faculty of Economics & Political Sciences, 1990 to 1995

4-     Director of Strategic and Political Studies program, The National Board for Scientific Research

5-     Member of the editing Board of the Economic Research Magazine issued by the Economic Research Center

6-     Member of the Manpower General Board, 1998 to 2000

7-     Member of the Consulting Committee for “Developing Quality Performance and Enhancing the Institutional Planning of Arab Universities Project” pertaining to UNDP of the United Nations.


Scientific Production


Research Papers and Articles published in Arabic:


1.                  New Trends in Comparative Politics, Journal of Studies in Economy and Commerce.  Vol. 15, Issues 1 and 2, 1989. Pp. (9-30)

2.                  “The Issue of Development in Socio-political Thinking”.  The Arab Culture, Issue 5, 1989, Pp. (33-39)

3.                  “The Electoral Process and the Popular Control on General Politics within the American Political System.  The Missing Ring”.  The Arab Culture.  Issue 5, 1989.  Pp. (77-85)

4.                  “The Empirical Theory and Political Science: A study about the concept of the Theory and its role in comparative politics” The Economic Research Magazine, vol. 1, issue 1, Fall 1989, Pp. (57-82) 

5.                  “The Conflict of Strategies in the Red Sea and its impact on the Arab National Security”.  Arab Affairs.  Issue 66, June 1991.  Pp. (52-77)

6.                  “The Arab Political Culture and the Issue of Democracy”. Democracy Magazine.  Book 3.  May 1992. Pp. (6-11)

7.                  Modernization and the Legitimacy of the Political Institutions”. The Libyan Royal Regime, 1951-1969. Social Science Magazine. Vol. 21.  Issues 3 & 4.  Fall / Winter 1993.  Pp. (37-56)

8.                  “The Structural Alterations and their Impact the Implementation of General Politics in Libya”.  Scientific Journal of Garyunis.  Issues 1 & 2.  1993.  Pp. (209-223)

9.                  “The Impact of Political conditions on the Arab Economic Integration: A case study about the status of the Libyan External Trade with the Arab Countries”.  Arab Affairs Journal.  June 1994.  Pp. (141-152).  Shared.      

10.              “Globalization and the Arab League and the Future of Arabic Action” The Economic Research Magazine.  Vol. 2.  Issue 1 & 2, 1997.  Pp. 1-11)



Research Papers and Articles published in English:


1.                  “ Conceptual models and Foreign Policy Decision Making Dirassat in Economics and Business, Vol. 17, No. 1, 1981, Pp10-18

2.                  “ Modernization and the crisis of Legitimacy in Pre-Revolutionary Libya”, Dirassat in Economics and Business, Vol. 17, No. 2, 1981, Pp 16-19

3.                  Israel’s Policies in the Occupied Territories and the Prospects for Peace in the Middle EastDirassat in Economics and Business, Vol. 20, No. 1,2, 1984, Pp46-57.

4.                  “ The Role of the Family in the Political Socialization” Journal of Economic Research, Vol. 2, No. 1, Spring 1990, Pp11-30

5.                  “Tribalism, Religion and the Challenge of Political Participation The Case of Libya”, Presented at the Conference on Democratic Challenges in the Arab World, September 24-27, 1982, Cairo, Egypt.

6.                   “Socio-Economic Classes and Political Process in Libya”.  Journal of Economic Research.  Vol. 7, No. 1,2, 1996


Arabic Books:


1.                  Readings in Comparative Politics: Methodological Issues and Theoretical Introduction.  Benghazi, Garyunis University Publications, 1994, 1998

2.                  The Civil Society and the Democratization in Libya:  1977-1994, Cairo, Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies. 1995


English Books:


1.                  Civil Society and Democratization in Libya: 1977-1994, Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies. 1995


Translated Books:


1.                  Manpower Circulation in Libyan Oil Industry, Benghazi, Garyunis University Publications, 1994, shared

2.                  Political Socialization: Analytical Study, Benghazi, Garyunis University Publications, 1991, 1998, shared

3.                  OPEC, 25 Years of Prices and Policies, Benghazi, Garyunis University Publications, 1991, shared

4.                  A Draft of the Final Project Including the Oragwy Session Conclusions Regarding the Multi-Party Commercial Negotiations, Benghazi, Economic Science Research Center, 1993

5.                  Comparative Policy: Theoretical Framework, Benghazi, Garyunis University Publications

6.                  The Political Development and the Comparative Policy: Selected Readings, Benghazi, Garyunis University Publications, 1998


Unpublished Scientific Research Papers:


1.                  “ Arab Nationalism and Political Instability in Monarchial Libya” M.A. Thesis, Kansa State University, 1973

2.                  “ The Socialization of School Children in the Socialist People’s Libya Arab Jamahiriya, PhD Dissertation, University of Missouri at Columbia, 1978



Membership on Scientific Associations:


1.                  The American Association for Political Sciences, 1982-1984

2.                  The International Association for Political Sciences, 1980-1990

3.                  The Arab Association for Political Sciences, since 1988



Scientific Conferences:


1.                  Submitted a paper to the meeting of the American Society for Political Sciences in Washington D.C., Sept 1980.

2.                  Participated in a seminar about “Avoiding another Inter-Arab war” during the 5th conference of Research and Political Studies, at Cairo University, Sept 14-16, 1991.

3.                  Submitted a shared research to the conference of Libyan Exports Development organized by the Economic Sciences Research Center and Benghazi Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture, Benghazi city, Dec 24-26, 1991.

4.                  Submitted a research to the seminar of The Political and Social Impact of the Modern Technological Revolution, organized by the Department of Political Sciences at the Economics and Political Sciences College in collaboration with the Arab Society for Political Sciences at Benghazi, Jan 7-10, 1992

5.                  Participated in the activities of the annual conference organized by the Arab Society for Political Science held in Amman, Jordan, Feb. 1992

6.                  Participated in a shared paper submitted to the seminar of Energy Rates and the Future expectations concerning energy production and consumption, organized by the Center of Economic Sciences Research, the National Board for Scientific Research and the World Organization in Benghazi, Dec 29-30, 1992

7.                  Submitted a paper to the conference of Democratic Challenges in the Arab World organized by the center of studies for Political and International Development, Cairo, Dec 24-26, 1992

      8.                  Submitted a research to the seminar of Civil Society and Democratization in the Arab World, organized by Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies, Cairo, Dec 24-26, 1992

9.                  Submitted a shared research to the seminar of Human Development in Libya, organized by the center of Economic Research in Benghazi, Nov. 1995

10.              Participated in a research in a seminar about the productivity in the Libyan society, organized by the Economic Research Center, Benghazi, Dec 1997

11.              Participated in a research to the seminar of The Inflation Phenomenon in the Libyan Society, organized by Libyan Economist Association, Tripoli, Nov 18-19, 1998

12.              Participated in a research to the 13th Scientific Conference of Arab Economists in Morocco, March 27-30, 2000

     13.              Participated in a research to 4th conference of Modern Arabic History Club on “ Elite in Arab MaghribTunisia, April 12-14, 2001, organized by AL Tamimi Establishment for Scientific Research & Information

     14.           Participated in a research to a workshop about “Elite Change in the Arab World”, organized by the German Institute for International Affairs and Security (SWP), Berlin, Nov 9-11, 2001

15.              Participated in a research to a seminar about “The Future of Democracy in Africa”, organized by the African Research Center at Cairo University, March 17-19, 2002



Other scientific activities:


1.                  Head of the preparation committee pertaining to the seminar of tax system in Jamahiriya, organized by the Consulting Office for Economic Studies, Jan 5-7, 1991

      2.                  Academic supervisor for a number of MA degrees within the program of postgraduate studies conducted by the Department of Political Sciences/ Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Garyunis University

     3.                  Teaching at the Department of Economics and Political Sciences at Garyunis University since Spring 1979, at University level 1, and postgraduate studies (Masters).  Undertook the following courses:


I           University courses- level 1:


·        Political Sciences principles

·        Principles of General Administration

·        Political research methods

·        Comparative politics

·        Modernization and political development

·        Political Socialization

·        Arab political systems

·        American Political system

·        Political system in Libya

·        Libyan foreign policy


II         Postgraduate (Masters) studies:


·        Political research methodology

·        Session about comparative politics

·        Session about modernization and political development

·        Session about general political theories



Social activities:


1.                  Member of AL Ahli Sports, Cultural and Social Club Administration, Benghazi, (1984-1990)

2.                  Member of Social and Sports Committee of the Teaching Staff Association, Garyunis University

3.                  Head of Training and Studies Committee of the Libyan Red Crescent Association.